September 3, 2008

Lovely embroidery patterns

These are some lovely embroidery patterns that I found on the net. If I could remember where I'd be more than happy to send you in their direction, but alas, my memory is a giant black hole and I have no idea where I found them. They would be neat to add to a collage piece or to use them to embroider onto a mixed media art piece. Wouldn't they be gorgeous stitched over a photograph?


JoT said...

I stumbled across your site while trying to rediscover a vintage embroidery website that I'd seen, loved, and forgotten. Could your line drawings have been from: by any chance? It was the site that I'd been looking for all along. They have the entire catalog there available for downloading. If not, maybe it will help jog your memory?

Anonymous said...

Any chanced these come as machine embroidered patterns in PES format for Brothers?

Anonymous said...

I found you through someone else's Pinterest page, and God bless you for putting all this lovely stuff. You want a pillow made? I can do it for you!

Shannon at