February 2, 2009

A few highlights...

Juno used a ribbon image she found on The Vintage Moth and created a fabulous .png image. You can see the orginal ribbon image here. Thank you Juno, lovely work!

I will try to post some .png images, as I know they are great for layering if enough people would like them.. any takers? Just leave a comment and let me know what you think. For those who are unaware, .png image format allows me to remove the white background, making what appears white on the screen to actually be translucent. When you apply them to your digital work, only the image appears, not the white box around it.

Also, Kathy Caloway, of Caloway Creations, used one of the Rooster Images and Yearly Egg Count Register to create the wonderful piece above. I love it!!

I am trying my best to get to emails but time is not on my side. I'm thinking about starting a Flickr group for you to be able to post your creations. I'd LOVE to see what everyone is doing with the images from here. Oooo! How about a monthly challenge?? Let me know!

Also, the February challenge for Mind Wide Open was just posted! Come and play!

Ok, images you can use... these are some that I picked up from the fantastic (and 'oh so lucky')Rhonda. (check her blog to see what I mean.. it's 'killer!') You can visit her Etsy shop and find some marvelous, authentic antique and vintage ephemera. she has such a passion for mixed media work and HER SHOP is filled full with great things!

I think that covers it! Oh! I also added a Guestbook to the very bottom of the page! Please sign it!




..tina.. said...


I'm all for the PNG images!!! :) Thank you for all the awesome images! They are wonderful.

LOVE that card! It's SO cute!

angelandspot said...

I love PNG images. I love that chicken art. I love all the images you give daily. Thank You!

Sandy Toes said...

-sandy toe

julie - eab designs said...

PNG images would be so helpful. I've often struggled with creating a translucent background. Thanks.

Diane said...

The chicken art is so cute! I love it. Thanks for the freebies...ALWAYS!

SueLovesCherries said...

Great suggestion! I wish I knew how to do .png myself!

Lorna said...

Thanks so much. Yes, I think png would be a wonderful format. Love all the ideas too!

KathrynAntyr said...

Oh I would be up for playing with some .png images. I'm game!

Thank you for offering such wonderful images. I used some of your images for my Valentine blog party graphic. Swing by and check it out at www.collagediva.com/souljournal.

I hope you and your wee ones are doing well!

Life hasn't slowed down on my end!!!

The Joy of Nesting said...

A monthly challenge is always fun :)

Thank you for all the images you share with us!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

2smart said...

I too would love to have.png images they allow greater creativity in less time!

marlis said...

Just recently found your lovely blog! You are very gracious to share not only the images which I totally love, but also to ask us if we would like them as png's. Thanks for asking and you get my resounding yes!!

Diane O. said...

Thanks for the images. I love the bingo card!

juno said...

Hi Abbie!
Thanks a mil for the mention - I had a lovely comment left by someone who came to visit me from yours!
I think a monthly challenge would be great fun, maybe submitting work using your images? I would love to take part as time allows. How about a theme connected with your categories, not holidays - everyone is doing that! - And you already have them catalogued :)

Rein said...

Thanks for the bingo card!

Suzy said...

You are my creative super hero! Thank you for your generousity. I have found so many pieces to use. xoxo from Arizona

I have linked you on our blog.