March 9, 2009

blah blah blah...

:) I have been fighting a bogus shoulder and my scanner not working, and I have to admit, I'm hooked on Facebook. Anyone else on Facebook? Here is my link if you'd like it... Facebook Link. Just put in the friend request 'vintage moth' so I know how you found me. If that doesn't work, you can search for 'Abbie Mooney'. There are only a few of us (how strange is that when someone else shares your name??) I have the cutest pet on Pet Society. My days are exciting aren't they? :) Ah, well.. I need some distractions.

Here are your images.. would love to see you around the 'net!



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

heh heh
yes, I've been sucked into the Facebook black hole...I can get absolutely LOST there.
I have to admit, it's more fun to look at people's blogs than to look up people from high school (who, if I REALLY cared to contact, would have done so at some point in the past 40 years), I'm forever a blogger.
But that black hole Facebook still gets me once or twice a week!

Again - thanks for the images!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so hooking up with you on facebook!

I just found you last week. Your images are awesome. I used one of the butterfly's to make a Tim Russert in a jar.


I will post more about that on my blog later this week.

I also put your button on my blog. Thanks!!

Tess said...

I'm very new to Facebook and have not become "hooked" yet, but am learning. I'm going to make a friend request too. This first image made me think of Legos. My daughters loved Legos.

Tami said...

Sorry your shoulder is hurting and the scanner is not working! Hope all is better soon!

Have fun on facebook but don't forget about us over here!

Balloons n Stuf said...

I only recently found your blog too and I love your images so much that I am reluctant to share however I have decided I shouldn't be so naughty and i am going to upload your badge this evening.
I was going to wait until I started up a personal blog linked to my business one but as I am still learning all this blogging stuff it is taking longer than I would like.
But I might catch up with you on Facebook

tam said...

Hello Abbie! I added you as a friend on facebook-sooo yep thats me! LOL! Hope you are having a terrific week!~Tam:D

Diane said...

Hi Abbie,
I have given you a blog award. Please see my blog for details.
Hugs, Diane

Ingrid Mida said...

I just found your blog. It is just delightful. Am looking forward to more...
I spend way too much time blogging and am staying away from Facebook.

Mandy said...

Oh yes I have Facebook too... love it and am addicted to Pet Society my pet is called Sid!

Rhondamum said...

Hey Abbie! Just saw this post and I think you know my answer about the whole fb thing. And by the way, Coco sends his love! xoxo