May 25, 2011

Vintage Clip Art- Mail Order Card

I'm taking a small break from posting dictionary pages to post this really cool mail order card for men's clothing. I love to see how much things cost back then! -Sarah


Brenda said...

He looks so Dapper! I am new to this world of blogging and just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site! I have one Thanks for sharing your finds with us. My art is taking off again. So much to create!

Diane said...


Have been a follower for a LOOOOONG time, however - going back to
Abbie's posts - none of them work. I get a JPG that my system believes is a program.

Are none of Abbie's DL's available anymore?? :(


Sarah said...

Hi Diane,

Hmm... I'm not having trouble downloading here images here. Can you give me a specific post that you want to download and cannot? Is anyone else having this issue?