June 1, 2011

Vintage Clip Art- Anatomy

I'm taking a quick break from cute images to add a little weird to the blog. This is an image of the anatomy of a chicken. I found it in an old nursing book (nursing for people, not chickens. Don't ask.) How often do you see this? Pretty much never.
Don't like weird? Tomorrow I'll be back to cute again. -Sarah


Rebecca said...

Oh I Love this one!

Sandy said...

Very cool. I have an old anatomy book I got from an Aunt with these types of images in it too. I'm a Nurse so they don't bother me. I think the body is very cool to look at.

rObfOs said...

Have just found your site and have to say I adore quirky & wierd above cute any day, so kudos for this image! More, more, more please.