July 11, 2011

Vintage Clip Art- Bees

This weekend I somehow convinced the boyfriend that we should clean the entire house. It was quite a chore but now it looks fabulous. Oh why does a clean house make me so happy?!
Here is a vintage image of the queen bee and her worker bees.

Kind of an appropriate image, I think. (My boyfriend would probably disagree, so don't say anything okay?)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BEES. I love them.

Cleaning the house is kinda theraputic AND you get to find stuff you haven't seen in awhile, throw away the stuff you don't need, and when you're done it's all sparkly. It's all good!

Thanks again

Pristine Cristine said...

So glad to hear that a clean house makes you happy-me too :-) I don't know what it is about a clean space-perhaps it means peace of mind. I think that is the case for me. Such great images! Thank you for sharing them.