August 5, 2011

Vintage Clip Art- Dolls of the World

As a child, I wasn't really into dolls much- I was more of the stuffed animal type. However, as I get older I really like dolls more. Some of my favorite are from this Etsy shop called, Cart Before the Horse. Their hand painted faces are just extraordinary. Anyway, here is today's image of dolls around the world. Have a great weekend everyone! -Sarah

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SparkleFarkle said...

These dollies are striking a long lost chord with me. As a teen-tiny smitch, I remember gazing longingly at this picture, but I do not recall clearly (I'm 150 years old by now, you see. LOL!) what book it's from. I use to pour over my Aunties encyclopedias for hours on end. Do tell, is this image taken from an old encyclopedia?

Excited to get the scoop,