August 16, 2011

Vintage Grocery Stamps

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions yesterday. I will probably go over to the school to see what I can do.
I purchased a bag full of these old grocery stamps at an estate sale a few years back. I'm not quite sure why I bought them but here's few for you to use in your crafts.


Melanie Statnick said...

I really enjoy all thre free clip art. Your ad's slow my browser down and I'm often stuck unable to scroll.

SparkleFarkle said...

These are better than terrific, they're Tom Terrific! (I was an official S&H Green Stamps Licker as a kid!) Thank you ever so much!

Annette said...

love the stamps, the S & H stamps and gold bonds bought lots of things as a newly wed. Brought back good memories. I wish I had had these, I did a little post on my blog about these. Even showed the cook book that I bought with them Great memories and thanks for your site. xoxo

Shawls IndustRy::: said...

wow..great!!i love stamps!! if anyone wanted for buying odd stamps,let me know,i want to sell those from my collection. you can view here :
thanks for your info!

Sarah said...

Melanie- sorry for the slow load. Unfortunately I have ads on the site to help support the blog. I use that money (small as it is) to acquire new vintage images that I find at estate sales, etc. I'm sorry that it is so slow for you and I will research to see if I can do anything to speed it up.

SparkleFarkle- I LOVE your name. Your blog is too funny! Where did you get the side images of the clowns?

Thanks for all of the positive feedback Annette! I am too young to have known of these but I'm so happy that people like them.

Diane said...

Ah! Green Stamps! I remember getting quite a few Christmas gifts thru this program, I can still taste the paste! BLEH!!



D :)

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