September 8, 2011

Antique Victorian Trade Card- Red Finch

Here is today's image: a pretty little red finch trade card by Arm and Hammer.

On a side note: Yesterday, my half-brother was driving on the freeway and took this amazing shot. I realize this isn't at all vintage related but it was too amazing not to share.Yes, that is a real person in the back of a trailer, holding onto a fridge on the FREEWAY. Seriously, what is he thinking?!?


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

What a pretty little card and to answer your question....clearly, he wasn't.

BJ said...

Oh my! I wish I could say "I can't believe it!", but people these days do the dumbest things.

Anonymous said...

That's a redneck joke in action!

Sim said...

His fridge is more important than his one life?!
Thank you to shaw us this non vintage picture!
It is worth it!
And... I love your blog!

cindy said...

that is just crazy...btw love your free items and designs for us artists thanks bunches