September 30, 2011

Vintage Clip Art- Meow!

My boyfriend and I are taking care of a stray cat we found wandering around the neighborhood. Yes, we are suckers for animals. Normally we wouldn't take another cat (we already have one and a half cats, one inside only and one only comes in to eat.) However, he was skin and bones and is just so sweet, loves to be held, and is always ready to cuddle. How could we resist?

However, the little guy wouldn't stop sneezing so I brought him in to our local vet. He was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and sent home without meds stating that it was a virus and would heal itself. When he wasn't better three weeks later, the vet gave me some meds and some chewy treats for his immune system. However, it has been another 5 days and he's not that much better. Is anyone out there familiar with this illness or had something similar with a cat? Could it be something else? Do cats get allergies? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Roelie said...

What a beauty!. Unfortunaly I cant help you with al those questions but I hope someone can.

Mini hugs for this beautiful quy!

Diane said...

Ah, steays ARE so lovable - they know what they've ben missing - so eager to please.

Yes, cats can have allergies. I had a cat who had seasonal allergies & would snus all over. Kept me busy cleaning up the boogers.

However, sounds like your vet isn't a true cat person. Have you used them for a long time?? Check around for a kitty friendly vet, someone who really knows the local population. May be something the feral casts have come down with - and could pass on!

Be well & good luck!

D :)

Diane said...

try here:

or here:

D :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Roelie!

Diane- Thanks! I will check out those articles! My boyfriend is tired of him sneezing in his face. he he! He's even nicknamed him Sneezy.

Linda w said...

He's adorable. I hope the comment above helps you get him better. Hugs lin

Tarnished Rose said...

He's so cute! Yes, animals can have allergies same as humans. One of our dogs (know it's not a cat, but same premise) is highly allergic to pollen & grass. He sneezes, loses hair, itches, etc. every summer and has to be given allergy medication and sometime antibiotics. Cats don't seem as prone to allergies, but they definitely can have them.

Good luck with the poor fellow. Sounds like he's found a good, caring home though.


Jan said...

Hi what a beauty you have. Animals do have allergies. My Mom's poodle had to go to the vets once a month for an allergy shot. Good luck with your kitty.

Frizzy said...

Our dog has seasonal allergies and itches like crazy and sneezes like mad. Our friends have an indoor cat that sneezes ALL THE TIME due to either allergies or some cat virus that can't be resolved. I'll find out more and let you know.

Anonymous said...

We´ve got a cat with Pasteurella multocida, he was sneezing as well. He gets Engystol tablets dissolved in water and it really helped!
It´s homeopathic - Vincetoxicum hirundinaria and Sulphur - sounds strange, I know, but where Penicillin didn´t help, Engystol did!!!

3.14Photo said...

Nice cat

Chrisse said...

Hi, Iäm sorry I know that this is quite late but I do own a rescued cat who at first sneezed all the time. My thought was that animals dont sneeze unless there is something wrong with them. So I checked the boy and found out there was some grass up his nostrils.. Sometimes they eat them and they get up the wrong way. So I took him to the vet for a check. At first the vet told me nothing was wrong with him. I told him can you check up his nostrils coz I think there is an obstruction there. The vet anesthesized the boy and pulled out two 7cm long blades of grass and gave him antibiotics. After that we were sneeze free!! I hope that was useful. greetings from Finland. Chs

Rett said...

What Chrisse said :) Would love to have an update on Sneezie.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a friend whose cat was sneezing, and off his food. He even had a bit of a runny nose. The vet wasn't sure what was wrong, and gave him medicine which was fine while he was on it, but came back a few days later when he stopped. He was also avoiding using his litter tray, preferring to go outside. A perceptive friend suggested they change the kitty litter, and he came good.
Could he be allergic to something he comes in contact with?
I really hope it is something that simple.
All the best, he's a lovely little guy.

Constance said...

Love your blog. Came across your cat's photo. So how did Sneezy fair? Hope everything turned out well.