January 11, 2012

A Sponsor Giveaway!

I am so excited today to tell you about one of my sponsors, Rhonda's Originals! Rhonda takes vintage images and transforms them into adorable 3D paper models, collage papers, and other cute printables. I emailed her this month to let her know that I would feature her on one of my posts and she wanted to give back to the readers. So from today until this Sunday go to Rhonda's Blog to download this awesome 3D standing doll set you can make inspired by Marie Antoinette and Valentine's Day.This 3D standing doll prints two sides and approximately 8.5" tall. Wheels spin, one arm on each doll moves on brads, hearts and bunny dangle from a wire. Lettering translates to "Magic Tea" in French. How-to instructions included. A $6.00 value available for free! Also be sure to check out her Etsy shop at Rhonda's Originals for more cute products! Thanks Rhonda!

UPDATE: The free printable time has passed. Thanks everyone for taking part and supporting my sponsors!


Georgie Horn said...


Becky Andersen said...

This is truly amazing! Love it! Thanks for sharing this...and thanks for the giveaway!

BLISS angels said...

thank you to both you and Rhonda ... OMG I love her art... thank you for sharing this
Hugs wendy

Rhonda's Originals said...

Thanks soooo much for featuring your sponsors like this, girlfriend! I hope we can get the ladies crafting for Valentine's Day!
Hugs, Rhonda
my etsy shop: www.RhondasOriginals.biz

Anonymous said...

Please thank Rhonda for me ... I am entertaining via a tea party and think this would be a great set to make and use and then send home with one of the ladies that has a little girl. I could not thank her via her web because I am not signed up under any of those options and I was with you because you have the 'Anonymous' tab. I have seen where people are upset when others use that for comments but when we don't use facebook or any of those accounts, what else are we to do?! : )
Thanks for posting on her too and for your great website.