April 5, 2012

Antique Easter Card

I was quite delighted a couple weeks ago when I received several comments about The Vintage Moth featured on Country Living! I actually had no idea that this story was coming until I saw some comments on the blog. It really made my day!

Here is today's image- An antique Easter card. Can you believe that Easter is coming up this weekend? Sheesh, time is just flying!


Anonymous said...

Those eggs look so cute with Vintage Moth images on them! Grats on the feature!

Becky Green said...

Yes! Congratulations!! Planning on getting some "Easter Egg Chickens" soon! What a WONDERFUL idea for those pretty eggs to come!!!!!! (NOT in time for this Easter, BUT in the future! ) :) Thanks again for sharing this! :)

SparkleFarkle said...

Cover-congratulations! Not unlike Country Living magazine, I, too, am a member of the Vintage Moth Admiration Society!

Luv from a fan,

Que Bella said...

Congratulations! I'll definitely have to pick up a copy. I love the vintage moth! ~Michelle