March 27, 2014

Antique Rhinoceros Image- Free Clipart Image

Hey guys! I went to an estate sale this morning and found a few antique books from the late 1800's - 1920's that were falling apart but perfect to use for the blog. One of the books is called "Wood's Natural History" from 1899. It includes all sort of different animal images and I really love this rhino profile. I've posted the original image here with the original colored paper and one that is just black and white.

7 comments: said...

great. both of them are really realistic. wonderful. thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Where oh where have you gone to?????

mita parvin said...

I really liked your post about Antique Rhinoceros Image- Free Clipart Image

Martin said...

Wow! So many details! Very impressive illustration. The day I can draw like this, I am definitely quitting my job! :)

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amazing illustration...
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Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

This is great graphic created by you I guess. I do a little graphic by myself too. I draw venn diagram from a venn diagram software

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