My 5 Favorite Crafting Products

Here is a list of my 5 favorite crafting products:

1.  Gingher Scissors

These are the sharpest scissors I have found for cutting fabric. In fact, to keep the scissors as sharp as possible, I have a pair just for fabric, and another just for paper. (Paper can dull the scissors quick. You won't notice however until you cut paper for awhile and then want to switch to fabric.)

2.  Rotary Cutter

I know that I wouldn't be able to cut straight lines nearly as fast without the rotary cutter. Perfect for scrapbooking or cutting quilt blocks.

3.  E-6000

The strongest glue I have found other than using a 2 part proxy glue. It doesn't take long to set and is easy to work with.

4.  Self Healing Cutting Mat

Any surface can be turned into a cutting/creative surface with the cutting mat. I often like to craft on the floor in the living room and large size cutting mat makes it possible. Any small pieces of fabric or paper can just be taken to the trash and swept right off of the mat.

5.  Synthropol

Are you a quilter? Or want to dye your own fabric? This chemical is perfect if you don't want any left over dyes to leech onto other fabrics in your wash. It attaches itself to the dye particle so that the dye cannot be affixed to another fabric. I also love this for when I wash my vintage clothing, when I don't know if the dyes will bleed.