April 17, 2009

and yet again...

I am awaiting the arrival of a new PC. As ours has decided to run excruciatingly slow when I try to do anything. Anything.. I have tried all the tricks but our 5 year old HP dinosaur is just not cutting it. Soooo.... I will be absent until the arrival of my maxed out, crankin' Dell. Woohhhoooo! At that time, I am hoping my digital world, images, and art will be resurrected. Because it's a custom build, it's going to take 3 and half weeks before it even ships. Arrrgghhh! I am NOT a patient person, but I know it will be so worth the wait in the long run. I am looking to do some design work 'for hire' so to speak starting this Fall. ie.. blog banners, layouts, avatars, etsy banners, widgets, linkies, and anything else people request of me. The sun is out, the snow is gone and Spring is violently calling me outside. So, dear friends, I am taking a vaca of sorts and will return, hopefully full of bright ideas, brilliant thoughts and lovely images just for you! Step away from your PC's and go out into the world and enjoy it!


April 2, 2009

I'm sorry for my absense. I have two very sick little girls at home and I just don't have the time.. there are so many things to catch up on, but it will have to wait.

Hope every one is fantastic!