August 25, 2009

*UPDATED* Bookplate, mermaids and question marks...

I'm not quite sure where I grabbed the pic below from.. if anyone knows, I'd love to give credit or be slapped if need be... please use it only for personal use as I am unsure of it's background..
** THANK YOU LAURA! :) I did snag the image below from Sandra Evertson. It was one she offered up to readers of her blog HERE. It is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.. *** She gives a lovely tidbit on using it for a bookcover.

Hope you are all fabulous!

August 19, 2009

aaahh... summer...

We are finally getting the summer you dream of here in New Hampshire.. it has been sunny, in the 80's and the lakes have all warmed up. Alas, school starts in about a week and half. Part of me is excited though.. the cold weather brings me back to my computer and studio. As soon as things settle down, I will be back, bringing with me, a new layout for The Vintage Moth, (with sponsor options as we get an amazing 20-30 THOUSAND hits a month) not too shabby for a blog that doesn't post. Soon, I promise! I still am on the hunt for 'new' antique books and illustrations for you. It is nice to have something to offer that hasn't been offered before. So, please be patient, enjoy your summer.