April 26, 2011


Every holiday my father will get out his latest camera and take pictures of everything that goes on. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. He often ends up with literally 468 photos of the event. Now I don't mind this and its fun to look back at them a few years from now. However, ever since he went digital with his camera, the photos end up on his computer and very few get printed. I sometimes wonder when he passes who will get those bazillion photos on the computer. What do we do with them?

I bought this old photograph album full of old family (not mine) photos a few years back thinking that its fun to see what people wore, how they looked, and what life looked like. Will people do that 100 years from now with digital images? Or will they get lost and forever erased? I'm not sure. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the album.  -Sarah


Anonymous said...

Old photos DO make you think about their lives and how they managed without all OUR modern 'stuff'.
They DID dress up, didn't they? Hats and heels seemed to be a must before they left the house.
What's up with the child in the chair in the middle of the sidewalk? Another 'thinker'.
Thanks for sharing the pictures (I, too, have tons of those from the family) and perhaps your father should put his millions of pictures on disc and give them to you!


peggy gatto said...

I think that seeing photos like this is the best part of blogging!!!
Thanks for showing them and your "story"!!!

Lisa Chin said...

Oh my! The third picture down is of Hitler, Amelia Earheart and Bugsy Malone!!! haha

I love looking at old photos. I have some from my Mom of people I don't know and I keep wondering if I should hang on to them because I don't know the people but the photos are old so I keep them. ;)

ABEILLE said...

hi! just found your blog - love it! those pics are fascinating.
Photos from that era are both historically important and "grandma's" childhood memories. to think that we look at them as old, historic, and our grandparents, our parents, even, remember those days, or at least aspects of them. i think more people ought to share the few remaining ones like those before they deteriorate or get lost. very, very intereseting photos!